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Crimson Floral Oversized Beach Bag

Crimson Floral Oversized Beach Bag

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Make a splash with the Crimson Floral Oversized Beach Bag, the quintessential accessory for your next sun-soaked retreat or urban escape. This stunning tote combines practicality with a flourish of floral sophistication, ensuring you're beach-ready or town-chic at a moment's notice.

With its premium 100% spun polyester fabric, this beach bag offers durability and a smooth, cloth-like feel that's perfect for any getaway. Adorned with an eye-catching pattern of crimson flowers and foliage, it's a piece that captures the essence of summer blooms and stylish allure.

The bag's sizeable dimensions of 24" x 13" (60.9 cm x 33 cm) mean you won't have to leave anything behind, whether it’s beach essentials or shopping treasures. A slight size tolerance of 0.75" (1.9 cm) ensures that you can pack with flexibility and ease. The T-bottom construction provides a sturdy base for all your items, keeping them organized and in place.

Inside, you'll find a cream sheeting interior lining, offering a light and elegant contrast to the bag's vibrant exterior while making your belongings easy to spot. Carry it all effortlessly with the robust, thick rope handles, crafted for comfort and strength no matter where your weekend takes you.

Assembled with care in the USA from globally sourced parts, the Crimson Floral Oversized Beach Bag is not just a practical item; it's a fashion statement that stands out. Indulge in the blend of beauty and functionality, and let this beach bag be the highlight of your leisure days. Shop now and carry a piece of the weekend with you, wherever you go!

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